FTP server (ftp= file transfer protocol)

This service is available to you. You can use it to send large files through the Internet network – which e-mail usually does not allow (- than 4 megabytes).

You can use shareware for an easier access to FTP. 


Important :
Several directories are present on our FTP site, we can not constantly check them all.

Whenever you use FTP, please contact us to warn us that you have sent a file,
by phone:+ 32 87 69 30 80

or e-mail prepress@imprimeriegramme.be


Before establishing the first connection, ask (+ 32 87 69 30 80) for your account data
and enter your user name "**********"
and your password "************" .
Save these parameters in a place where you can find them easily afterwards.
After sending a file, please send us an e-mail specifying the name of the file and the way it should be handled.

If you have problems using FTP, feel free to call our prepress operators.