Technical recommandations

Need advice from professional printers?

You have sent off your request for a quote, but have you thought of everything? We are here to offer you an in-depth analysis of your project: we will advise you on the technique to use, the type of paper, and the file format to send…

...and in this way we anticipate any problems that could arise!

A few tips...

Gramme Graphic Services offers, amongst other things, sound advice from professional printers – to avoid any problems that might crop up at a later stage and to make life easier for you…

A rapid selection?

  • how to install printer drivers so that the in-house printing result will be as close as possible to what you have on your screen
  • how to make your PDFs for printing
  • a ftp server with instructions and various links to utilities that make it more user-friendly
  • a complete catalogue of our various die-cutting shapes of folders that are at your disposal

Printing is a profession!